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Frederick Structural Biology Forum

2019 - 2020


NCI at Frederick
B538, Fort Detrick
Frederick, MD 21702

B538-237 Conference Room
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

October 8 Dr. Thomas Schmidt, NIDDK, Laboratory of Chemical Physics
  Pulsed EPR to Study Biomolecules: Asymmetric Conformation of the Premature HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Homodimer.

November 12
Dr. Eugene Valkov, RNA Biology Laboratory, Regulation of Translation Initiation.

Open - To Be Determined

December 10

Dr. Xiuxiu Lu, SBL-PPS


Dr. Yun-Tzai Lee, SBL-PNAIS
Structure-based Design of Ribozyme Switches Capable of Controlling Gene Expression in Mammalian Cells.

January 14

Dr. Oliver Soubias, SBL-MNS

Dr. Lan Jin, MCL-BSS

February 11

Dr. Gwen Buel and Dr. Xiang Chen, SBL-PPS

  Dr. Gabriel Cornilescu, FNLCR-RAS

March 10

Dr. Atanu Maiti or Dr.Wazo Myint, BRL

Dr. Vibha Dwivedi , SBL-PNAIS
Studying Cell Biology of Riboswitch Devices that are Used to Control Expression of PD-1 for Cancer Immunotherapy.
April 14 Dr. Juliana Martinez Fiesco, SBL-KCS
  Dr. Domarin Khago, SBL-MNS
May 12 Dr. Bartosz Sekula, MCL-PSS
  Dr. Joshua Rose, MCL-BSS