Image representing the Frederick Structural Biology Forum interest group

Frederick Structural Biology Forum

2018 - 2019


NCI at Frederick
B538, Fort Detrick
Frederick, MD 21702

B536-237 Conference Room
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

November 13  Dr. Jason Stagno, SBL-PNAI
  Dr. Gwen Buel, SBL-PPS

December 11
Dr. Yuba Bhandari, SBL-PNAI

Dr. George Lountos, MCL

To Be Rescheduled

Dr. Chao Wang, MCL-BSS

  Dr. Oliver Soubias, SBL-NMR

To Be Rescheduled

Dr. Wazo Myint, BRL

Dr. Jacek Lubkowski, MCL

March 12

Dr. Fred Dyda
Section Chief, Structural Biochemistry Section, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, NIDDK

April 9

Dr. Genbin Shi, MCL-BSS

Dr. Juliana Martinez, SBL
May 14 Dr. Xiuxiu Lu, SBL-PPS
  Dr. Gary Shaw, MCL-BSS